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Showing off c. 1985 (directors have yet to
request this shot).
Brown and Stallone compare notes at the top
of the Art Museum Steps on Rocky II.
Pursuing Wendy and Danny through the salt
(900 tons of dairy salt standing in for snow)
on The Shining.
GB c. 1995.
GB with fully extended Steadicam Ultra
c. 2000.
Old-style moving camera hardware meets
Steadicam prototype on Bound for Glory
in 1975.
Brown with his much-traveled vest and Arri BL
on Fame.
On Wolfen with Albert Finney and Director
Michael Wadleigh (the ruined church in the background is a set.
-- built from scratch
Best job in the business: making turbulence
on Twilight Zone. (you can not make a mistake!)
With special effects wizard Dennis Muren
in the redwoods, shooting background plates for
the speeder bike sequence in Return of the Jedi.
On Four Friends in Chicago with Arthur Penn.
On the camera car with Vittorio Storaro before
being humbled by Spanish potholes on Reds.
Stabilizing a buckboard for Little House on the Prairie in 1978.
The rope bridge sequence on Indiana Jones
and the Temple of Doom (in Sri Lanka).
The first motion picture Skycam included a Panavision camera and worked on four movies
in 1984. It won a technical Oscar in 2005.
Brown and Rockettes display perfect form on Annie.
The notorious Elephant Trunk first non-functional factory prototype.